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Mochila offers simple marketing options that connect your brand with students local to your business.

TLDR: Mochila Sponsorships are available by a fixed number of impressions (starting at just 10,000 impressions), or as an exclusive timed sponsorship. More details (including our rates) are available below.

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Precisely Targetd Ads

Whether you want to market your brand, run a promotion to boost revenue, or drive new business at the start of the new semester, Mochila for Businesses can help you.

Mochila is Local

Our users are students who are on campus and looking for something to do. In other words: an incredible demographic for your business.

Mochila is Seasonal

We all know the seasonal reality of business near a college. But that's a good thing! Our ad platform gives you the flexibility to market to students on the dates that are the most important and beneficial for your business.


Sold by the impression, Mochila Advertisements are a traditional way to advertise alongside other advertisers.


The most common way to reach Mochila's audience is by purchasing a block of impressions at your local university. Your business' ad will be shown in rotation with up to 4 others, until you've reached your impression count.

Included with your purchase is the ability to schedule the times your ad runs so you can focus your ad when it's most beneficial for your business, or run it 24/7 to increase visibility.

Note: Your ad may be temporarily paused if a sponsorship is active.



Completely exclusive, Mochila Sponsorships offer a unique way to focus our users’ attention on your brand and business.


We also offer the option for an exclusive sponsorship of any university that Mochila supports. When you purchase an exclusive sponsorship, all ads are temporarily paused and your brand's ad or logo will be displayed to each and every user.

Use exclusive sponsorships to put your brand in front of thousands of students, and maximize your reach without worrying about impression pricing. Or, use sponsorships to reach students at any assortment of universities that Mochila currently supports.


Want to Sponsor across multiple universities, or even nationally?

How It Works

Mochila offers a flexible marketing platform for your business. We’d love to work with you to figure out how you can best benefit! Here’re a few examples to get you started.


Sponsor Mochila at the start of the semester, with an exclusive spot in a our highly-used app, and get a head start on your competitors.


Take out an ad for both buying and selling books, on the most relevant platform for businesses focused on students: The app for students.

Coffee Shops

Run a Mochila Ad to draw new students in during the morning hours, while everyone's looking for their new daily stop.


Use a Mochila Sponsorship to promote ticket sales to students on campus, and tap into a new market for your shows.


Take Advantage Of:

Bus Routes

Did you know there’s a bus route that stops right near your business? Students using Mochila can easily look up routes and stops but they may not know that you’re so close to their destination, or their route. Let them know!

Computer Labs

It’s no surprise to see students up late working on an assignment in a computer lab. If your business is open late, use Mochila’s scheduling options to make sure they know where to go when they need a break!


Our pricing is tiered, so the more impressions or time you buy the better price you get.


20,000 impressions: $800
100,000 impressions: $4,000
250,000 impressions: $8,500
500,000 impressions: $16,000


7-day sponsorship: $2,000
14-day sponsorship: $3,500
30-day sponsorship: $6,750
60-day sponsorship: $15,000

How to Buy

Once you’ve decided how you’d like to use Mochila to help your business’ marketing efforts, just email us. We’ll work with you on the details! Still have questions? Let us know, we’d love to help!


To purchase an ad or sponsorship in Mochila, email us with your business name, local university, media type, and any other relevant info.

Ads are sold by blocks of 100,000 impressions, with a minimum of 20,000 impressions. Sponsorships are sold by the day, with a minimum length of 7 days.

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